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Northland Regional Ambulance District
Community Outreach

NRAD's administration and employees believe in the importance of community involvement, and appreciate opportunities to support our local businesses, organizations and schools.  You will see us in parades, at career fairs, providing stand-by ambulances at football games and festivals, performing free blood pressure checks at local businesses or events, and providing ambulance tours and safety information at local schools and Scout meetings. 

NRAD cooperates with other agencies to provide continuing education to our employees and area first responders, including law enforcement and fire department personnel.

The generosity and compassion of NRAD's employees extends beyond the confines of our ambulances. It becomes especially obvious around the holiday season.  Each year the employees adopt a family and provide gifts purchased from the family's "wish list," or donate non-perishable food items to the local food pantry. Our employees assist Santa in the delivery of gifts to the "adopted" families, and the delivery of homemade cookies to elderly residents of our district.
NRAD offers a variety of programs that allow us to stay connected to the communities we serve.  For more information on setting up a class, event stand-by, speaking engagement, presentation or demonstration, or ambulance showcase, complete and submit our Special Event Request Form.

    Northland Regional Ambulance District

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