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Northland Regional Ambulance District
Friday, July 08 2016

An Open House will be held 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, July 16 at the newly-constructed station which houses the Camden Point Fire Protection District (CPFPD) and Northland Regional Ambulance District (NRAD), at 19959 Interurban Road, Camden Point. The directors and staffs of both districts invite the public to join them for facility tours, to learn more about the services provided by the districts, and to meet some of the personnel who provide those critical services.

Construction of the energy-efficient building, which has 12,800 square feet on the main level, began in May 2015. The fire district moved into the facility in early May 2016, and NRAD moved in shortly thereafter. The project was funded by Mark and Cindy Hill, local residents who won half of one of the largest Powerball lotteries in U.S. history in November 2012.

Separate garage areas house the ambulance and other EMS equipment, and the apparatus and equipment used by the fire district. Joining the two garages are the training room, living area, kitchen, and storage areas. There are two bedrooms on NRAD’s side, to accommodate the two-person advanced life support crew that is on duty 24/7. Currently-unfinished areas of the building allow for expansion as growth continues.

The Open House will begin at 11 a.m., with a flag-raising ceremony and opening remarks from the president of each district’s board of directors. CPFPD officials will then conduct a dedication and unveiling, followed by a brief press conference with officials from both districts. Open tours of the facility will begin after the opening ceremony. At 1 p.m., fire district officials will present a Distinguished Service Award.

Both districts will display vehicles and equipment, provide information on their services, and have staff on hand to answer questions. Light refreshments will be provided. The station will be open for tours until 5 p.m.

“The central location and immediate access to main roads of this essential resource allows us to better serve all of our communities,” NRAD Executive Director Scott Roy said. “This supports our mission of delivering quick and efficient advanced life support to those within our district who find themselves in need of our services.

“The efficient use of taxpayer-provided resources is paramount in delivering our mission to the communities we serve,” Roy continued. “We have additional building needs in our immediate future, and this great gift has allowed us to check off one big box in our strategic plan."

The fire district has 19 volunteers, many of whom are trained to levels of EMT, Firefighting 1&2, and Hazmat Operations. “We believe that what we know makes us better able to serve our patrons, and helps us be safer and come home to our families,” Fire Chief Walt Stubbs said. “This new station provides room to grow for the next several decades, and gives us a state-of-the-art training room, which will be shared with all our mutual-aid departments.”

“NRAD’s No. 1 commitment is improving the outcomes of patients who suffer a medical emergency,” NRAD Board President Charlene Bruce said. “We know this is accomplished by much more than buildings and shiny new ambulances - our staff of highly-skilled EMTs and paramedics is the essential tool. This new facility provides a space for them to be prepared to quickly and efficiently deliver this critical service to our communities.”

“Our partnership with NRAD will benefit both districts, and all those we serve, with a base more central to NRAD’s coverage area and room for storage of their mass casualty trailer. Both districts now have a new station, without the use of taxpayer funds,” Stubbs said. “We are very grateful that the Hill family has blessed us with this gift, and will do our best to use it to improve services to our communities.”

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